DQ DigitalNext aims to go far beyond technology, providing inspiration for senior executives and actionable strategic advice for CIO's and CXO's to accelerate digital transformation to scale


Rising customer expectations and unlocking new revenue streAMs are the top 2 drivers for enterprise digital transformation in India. Understanding the customer and creating efficient operational processes are key to create a differentiated customer experience and being able to disrupt the market before getting disrupted.

The challenges faced by enterprises in their effort to scale up digital transformation are many. The ways to handle them are:

  • IT Transformation by modernizing legacy infrastructure
  • Hiring people with digital and specialized capabilities
  • Integrating and streAMlining business processes
  • Creating new business architectures supported by technology
  • Out-thinking to create new business models
Digital transformation is moving from experimentation to mainstreAM. Non-tech companies are exploiting digital technologies to affect one or more key areas of the business. The tech buyers’ agenda is defined by a focus on data monetization, developing digital capabilities with speed and at scale, building platform-based businesses, embracing design thinking and behavioral mapping to improve customer experience.
The content for DQ DigitalNext is mapped out to cover the key areas CIOs and CDOs need to cover to scale up digital transformation.
DQ DigitalNext is focused on mapping digital technologies to the tech buyers’ agenda to achieve digital transformation at scale.


  • Digital Transformation with Design Thinking
  • Un-blocking the Power of Blockchain
  • Building the Data-driven Organization- Processes, Systems, Tools
  • Getting the CDO Job
  • Building the Modern IT Infrastructure Organization
  • The Roadmap to Intelligent Automation
  • Scaling Up Analytics and AI
  • Digital-ready Business Platforms
  • Lessons in Business Transformation from Global Indian IT Services
  • Security Transformation
Building the Modern IT Infrastructure Organization
  • A Cloud Each to His Own
  • Hyperconvergence- Is it the New Order?
  • Open Source Enterprise IT— Accelerating Innovation
  • Software-defined Networks
  • DevOps and Software Innovation
The Roadmap to Intelligent Automation
  • RPA
  • Machine Learning
  • IoT
  • Augmented Reality
  • IT-OT Convergence


Expert lead speaker, case capsules by 3-4 practitioner CIO/ CDOs OR panel discussion, and one or two industry( sponsor) speakers.

Address by Subject Expert from the and industry (sponsor) respectively
08:30 AM

Welcome & Registrations

09:30 AM
Introduction Session by Ed Nair, Group Editor ICT Business
09:40 AM
Leadership keynote Address

Digital Disruption is Past— The Race for Digital Mastery

Digital disruption is now a thing of the past. Companies are now looking at establishing digital mastery which deals with complete rehaul of business processes, customer experience, creation of business platforms, and the inclusion of technologies such as IoT, blockchain, AR/VR into the mainstream. The keynote session deals with the ways in which companies can rewrite the code of business, change underlying business models, and create new forms of value for the employee and the customer.

KeyNote Address by senior business leader from the enterprise and industry (Presenting sponsor) respectively

10:10 AM

Industry Session: Keynote Address

10:30 AM

Networking Tea

10:45 AM
CDO Power Panel

Digital Transformation at Scale— Creating the Playbook for Success

Chief digital officers who have been there and done that with all things digital have lots to share in terms of best practices, acceleration strategies, transformation mindset, and scale-up ideas. Most importantly, they would have the wisdom about cultural shifts required for spread the gospel of enterprise-wide digital transformation. The CDO Power Panel would discuss the success factors and provide a playbook for others.

Panel discussion between 4-5 CDOs/ CXOs, moderated by senior CyberMedia editor

11:30 AM
Digital@Scale Core Session

Leveraging Digital-ready Business Platforms

Digital-ready business platforms like SAP S4/Hana, Oracle Cloud Platform,, Microsoft’s Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365 and others bring together business applications, analytics, data integration, AI, IoT, process automation, blockchain, and other key digital capabilities to accelerate digital transformation and provide scalability to digital strategies.

12:00 PM
Digital @ Scale Core Session

Your Business is the Software

How to Build the New Style Software Powerhouse Software is at the heart of digital platforms and digital business strategies. If every business is a software business, the capability to develop modern software is the most crucial element of competitiveness. A range of topics ranging from agile development and DevOps to low-code platforms and API management to software architecture and frameworks such as containerization and Kubernetes and many others go to determine this capability. The session deals with how a modern code factory helps digital transformation achieve scale.

Expert lead speaker, case capsules by 3-4 practitioner CIO/ CDOs OR panel discussion, and one or two industry speakers.
12:45 PM
Spotlight Session

Securing Digital Business

Risk, information security, trust, assurance, compliance, and privacy protection go together. Threats and vulnerabilities about in the digital world. With IoT going mainstream, autonomous smart devices require CISOs to adopt new mechanisms and approaches to trust. According to Gartner, “As digital business blurs the digital and physical worlds, digital breaches result in physical damage. As a result, the safety of environments and individuals becomes the primary goal.” How should digital leaders handle this complexity?

Address by Subject Expert from the and industry (sponsor) respectively
01:00 PM
Spotlight Session

Evaluating Blockchain Strategies — Hype, Hyperbole, or the Next Killer App

Blockchain has taken the world by storm by its potential to transform business functions ranging from financial accounting to supply chain management to industry-specific processes. Enterprises in logistics, financial services, and agriculture are betting on the digital ledger technology as the future for facilitating and verifying business transactions. CIOs are excited about blockchain for its ability to scale across an enterprise, offering a network effect of digital trust. There are enterprise-ready blockchains such as Ethereum, R3 Corda, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple apart from the ones from vendors such as IBM, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, and AWS amongst others. What do CIOs need to know to get started?

01:15 PM

Networking Lunch

02:00 PM
Digital @ Scale Core Session

Think Like the Digital Consumer— Using Design Thinking to Accelerate DX Returns

Digital technologies present an excellent opportunity to apply design thinking principles to deliver many new benefits by rethinking user interactions, focusing focus on improving the employee or customer experience, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. Many companies have turned away from traditional analytical thinking towards design thinking. Learn how design thinking is fast becoming a key pillar in digital transformation.

Expert lead speaker, case capsules by 3-4 practitioner CIO/ CDOs OR panel discussion, and one or two industry speakers.
02:45 PM
Digital @ Scale Core Session

Infrastructure Transformation for Digital Scale

Digital transformation projects often do not factor in the criticality of having an IT infrastructure based the building blocks of modern IT. The underlying IT infrastructure has a direct bearing not only on the scalability and agility of digital business models but also on its operational performance, security, economics, and more. Hyperconvergence, hybrid cloud, software-defined networks, software-defined data centre, engineered systems, edge networks…. there are many technologies to be discussed as part of infrastructure transformation.

Expert lead speaker, case capsules by 3-4 practitioner CIO/ CDOs OR panel discussion, and one or two industry speakers.
03:30 PM

Networking Tea Break

03:45 PM
Digital @ Scale Core Session

Intelligent Automation— Leveraging the Magic Combination of RPA, Analytics, and AI

Intelligent automation—the combination of artificial intelligence and automation—is starting to change the way business is done in nearly every sector of the economy. Intelligent automation systems sense and synthesize vast amounts of information and can automate entire processes or workflows, learning and adapting as they go. Applications range from the routine to the revolutionary: from collecting, analyzing, and making decisions about textual information to guiding autonomous vehicles and advanced robots. It is already helping companies transcend conventional performance tradeoffs to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality.

04:45 PM

Building a Robust Data Strategy to Data-driven Business

It is said that 'data is the new oil' and 'data is the new currency'. These aphorisms mean that and intelligent data platform is the critical foundation for digital transformation. Most enterprises are through with the use of technologies such as data warehousing and ETL-based BI tools. The current phase is about the strategic use of data through big data and analytics frameworks like Hadoop distributions to fund and fuel the next generation of applications like IoT which will throw up lots of data. Data management covers a whole slew of topics: Data governance, data Architecture, data modeling, database management and administration, data security management, reference and master data management, data warehousing and BI, content management, and metadata management. Companies are building businesses just around data, data is the new key asset and IT projects related to data generates the highest cash return compared to others.

Expert lead speaker, case capsules by 3-4 practitioner CIO/ CDOs OR panel discussion, and one or two industry speakers.
05:30 PM

Valedictory Session followed by Tea Break

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